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ReelPowerPack - Retractable Cable Charger (Set of 3)

ReelPowerPack - Retractable Cable Charger (Set of 3)

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Product Description

Built-in Dual Retractable Charging Cables: Drive Depot's car charger features one retractable cable for Android and one for Apple. Each cable extends up to 31.5 inches, keeping your car free from unsightly cord clutter.

Super Fast Charging:

With a maximum power of 66W, this charger includes both a USB-C port and a USB port, allowing you to safely charge up to four devices simultaneously. It's five times faster than ordinary car chargers, ensuring you don't have to wait when you're in a hurry.

Smart Chips and High-Quality Materials: Equipped with a high-quality chip that provides over-current and short-circuit protection, this charger ensures safe charging without damaging your devices. The shell is made of durable Aluminum + ABS, ensuring longevity. Note: The car charger is only energized when the car is started. Once the car is turned off, the charger will not draw power from the car battery, protecting it from drain.

Adjustable 180-Degree Charging Plug:

The charging plug can be adjusted up to 180 degrees left or right for easy use. It stays securely in place even on bumpy roads.

Wide Compatibility and Quality Assurance: Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Samsung, headphones, Apple Watch, computers, game consoles, and more. Suitable for 12V-24V mainstream cars.

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