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Knob Kover - Gearshift Glove (Set of 2)

Knob Kover - Gearshift Glove (Set of 2)

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Product Description:

Showcase Personality and Fun: Creatively appealing, with dozens of color combinations options to choose from, it can be installed on your car's shift knob to enhance comfort and personalize the interior.


Wide Compatibility: Our car shifter hoodie is designed to fit most shifters with a height ranging from 4 inches to 5.6 inches (total height), and it comfortably slides over knobs with a diameter of within 2 inches. They are suitable for both manual and automatic cars.


Versatile and Easy to Clean: It can be used all year round. In winter, it keeps your hands warm. In summer, it protects your shift knob from the scorching sun, while preventing it from getting too hot.


Expanded Functionality: It can be more than just a shift knob cover. Can you imagine all the interesting ways you could use it? We look forward to hearing about your creative ideas ;)


Perfect Gift: This fun car shift knob cover is the perfect gift for family, friends, and colleagues. It is not only practical but also brings joy to your loved ones. Whether it's a birthday gift, holiday present, or for any occasion, it is guaranteed to bring smiles and happiness.

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